Great Pens

A quality pen makes writing a joy. Sure, a cheap 10¢ BiC pen suffices for the mundane task of placing ink onto paper, but a pen which flows freely and naturally makes you want to write. Here are a few things I look for in pens:

  1. no dry “chunks” 1
  2. smooth “write-feel” without any “scratching” sensation
  3. no bleeding, blotting, or smudging
  4. color with sharp contrast and no fading
  5. good ergonomic feel

Currently, I’m a fan of uni-ball UM-151 0.38mm and uni-ball 207 Micro.

uni-ball pens

Neither is particularly ergonomic, since they both have lightweight plastic bodies. But they both have amazing “write-feel”. The 207 is particularly creamy.

To be updated as I find more favorites…

  1. For some pens, a strange dried-ink gunk can build up after repeated use. Maybe ball-point pens are at higher risk for this?